Activating Youth Energy

Our best-selling serum is now better and more potent than before. With a long standing history and four generations before the latest formula, discover the full story behind the elixir that delivers unparalleled age-defying effects and activates Youth Energy.

The No.1 Anti-ageing Serum

The First Care Activating Serum has captivated the hearts of many since its launch, and still holds its place as a signature Sulwhasoo product with 23 years of rich history.

One bottle of First Care Activating Serum is sold every 10 seconds around the world, and has been the No.1 Anti-ageing Serum* for 7 consecutive years.

Today, this 5th generation anti-ageing boosting serum harnesses the latest biotechnology of Sulwhasoo — the Youth Master Technology — to care for your skin from within, making it even more potent than before.

*Based on 2018 Jan–Dec KR's cumulated sales. Beaute Research 2013–2018. 4Q for Korea Ytd.

Legacy of First Care

1st Generation


The first-of-its-kind boosting serum was birthed

2nd Generation


Improved absorption technology for better hydration penetration

3rd Generation


The JAUM Balancing Complex™ was refined by the Poje Optimising Process™ – a study of mixing formula inspired by ancient medicinal literature

4th Generation


The formula was improved to target 5 youth indicators

5th Generation


The essential anti-ageing boosting serum improves skin youth index by 146%, imparting a healthy radiance